Is Drying Cleaning Necessary?

Is Drying Cleaning Necessary?

The way to clean your clothing seems simple enough, wouldn’t you think? Put your clothes in the washing machine, add laundry soap and then turn it on. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. The makers of your clothes take the opportunity to publish instructions and for good reasons. Keep reading to learn why and how things are recommended to be washed in a certain way. Keep in mind that here at Carriage Trade Cleaners, we perform all of those washing techniques in house, so you don’t have to.

Hand Wash

The hand washing technique is reserved typically for delicates or articles of clothing that are likely to be damaged by repetition and by the power of a machine. To hand wash a garment, locate a washbasin, tub or sink, fill with water and add only a few drops of detergent. Afterward, knead lightly for two minutes. Some recommend a hair dryer rinse to be used on silks. Until the soap is gone, scrub and lay flat to dry. But don’t be fooled; hand-washing is NOT the same as dry cleaning. Not to worry, you can leave the dry cleaning and special handling of your delicates to Carriage Trade Cleaners, for best results and ensure your clothes last their longest.

Machine Wash

This is the standard method most of us are used to using at home. Most washing machines have a variety of configurations, warm water, cold, hot, etc. Do not forget that shrinkage is contributed to by warmer water and can be more difficult on fabrics than colder water. There are some stains out there that can only be mastered by a hot wash cycle. Following a machine clean, you have the choice of drying the old fashioned way (hanging the clothes to dry naturally) or in the automatic dryer. The former is best but may take hours rather than minutes, depending on the humidity of where you reside. Do you have hours to go through your laundry and determine what is better to dry in your system or hang dry? Otherwise, bring these clothes into us and let us handle it all for you!

Dry Clean Only

Dry cleaning is the most gentle and efficient ways to get your clothes clean and make sure they last. The tag in your garment is really a “best practices,” guide. If the tag says, “Dry clean only,” that is the best method to handle the garment. Things made of silk, taffeta, wool, velvet or other exotic cloths really must be dry-cleaned, ONLY.

Among the Benefits of dry cleaning is its capacity to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water can’t. Natural fibers such as silks and wools clean but might shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in plain water. Synthetic fibers like polyester react whereas they could retain greasy stains after washing. Dry cleaning can help to return clothes to an almost new-feeling condition using steps to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and change of texture or finish.

Additional benefits when you bring your clothes to Carriage Trade Cleaners

Inspection: Before we return a garment to you, we conduct an inspection to ensure your order is completed to yours, as well as our, satisfaction. The garment has sent back to receive additional attention, if we see a issue. Safeguards like this help ensure that your clothes will look their best when you come to pick them up.

Come by Carriage Trade Cleaners today and let us care for your clothes. Also, check out our coupons page for some money saver offers!